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Is a Cure for Cancer Within Reach?


Emmy-winning HBO show VICE doesn’t begin its 3rd season until March 6. But tune into VICE Special Report: Killing Cancer that airs at 10pm EST, February 27.

This hour-long in-depth documentary explores cutting-edge cancer treatments that go well beyond chemotherapy. The very viruses that used to kill us, HIV, measles, and genetically-engineered cold virus, are now being used to fight off and kill cancer cells.

For example, doctors recently used re-engineered HIV cells to seemingly destroy the cancer cells within Emily Whitehead’s body, who was dying of leukemia.

“I realized that we were no longer talking about treatment. We’re actually talking about a cure.”—Shane Smith, co-founder of VICE Media, Inc.

Vice Media, the global media brand producing this documentary, generally appeals to a younger age group — the 21-35 crowd — than traditional news channels. In the past, the controversial “immersionist” style of reporting had regularly been criticized by people such as the late David Carr of The New York Times as shown in an interview with VICE co-founder Smith.

Within the past decade, VICE has aggressively expanded their digital video operation. The creation of new channels including the 30-minute news program VICE on HBO with executive producer Bill Maher has set the stage for the company to become a contending source of hard news. Carr later wrote about VICE praising more recent news stories such as “The Islamic State.”

Watch the VICE Special Report: Killing Cancer trailer below.

Zack Azar is a sponsored contributor to Mesothelioma Help Now.