NFL Super Bowl XLIX Quarterback Russell Wilson is #StrongAgainstCancer


.@DangeRussWilson‘s zeal helps Seattle Children’s Hospital #StrongAgainstCancer— SUPER BOWL on NBC (@SNFonNBC) November 28, 2014 In less than a week Russell Wilson will be defending the NFL Championship against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in NFL Super Bowl XLIX. The game will be televised on NBC and is set to begin on Sunday, February 1, …Read Now

2015 American Cancer Society Summit

American Cancer Society

Are you ready to lead? The American Cancer Society hosts a nationwide summit each year to bring its volunteers together to reflect on the achievements of the past and springboard efforts being set in motion for the upcoming calendar year. If you don’t have 2 hours to watch the entire opening session, read our recap …Read Now

Resolve to Ban Asbestos in 2015

Most New Year’s resolutions are about improving ourselves: losing weight, getting organized, quitting smoking, and so on. But why not resolve in 2015 to do something that will help others instead? Why not make this the year that you join the movement to ban asbestos? Asbestos is a mineral that was once used in many …Read Now

So You Suspect You May Be Ill

Straight Talk about Mesothelioma, a blog series created by Michael T. Milano, M.D., Ph.D., a radiation oncology specialist, as a resource for mesothelioma patients and their loved ones. Many patients are surprised to have a conversation about mesothelioma with their doctor. Many of them have never even heard the word “mesothelioma” prior to being diagnosed. …Read Now

Asbestos in the Workplace

It is a frightening thought, but some people are at risk of exposure to asbestos and don’t even know it. Many of us work in schools and offices that were built using materials containing asbestos. In the post-World War II construction boom, asbestos was often used in everyday products such as some vinyl flooring, insulation, …Read Now

An Introduction to “Straight Talk About Mesothelioma”

Welcome to “Straight Talk About Mesothelioma.” My hope is that this blog series will be a valuable resource for patients and loved ones affected by mesothelioma. I have structured it so that each blog post addresses a common area of question or concern. A Few Details About Me, Michael T. Milano, M.D., Ph.D. I am …Read Now

Halloween Gas Mask Tests Positive for Asbestos

Halloween Gas Mask

Most people know that asbestos can be dangerous. So nobody expects to find it in part of a Halloween costume. But asbestos is exactly what Utah lab technician Steve Dixon of Dixon Information claims he discovered after testing a gas mask he bought for his grandson’s Halloween costume at an army surplus store, according to …Read Now

Asbestos Use Still Strong in the U.S.

Strong Asbestos use in US

More than 50 countries including all European Union nations, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia, have banned asbestos completely, but surprisingly the U.S. is not among them. While the U.S. has significantly cut its use of asbestos and has stopped mining asbestos entirely, U.S. companies actively continue to sell asbestos-containing products to millions of …Read Now

Asbestos Awareness: Understanding the Dangers and Protecting Your Family

Asbestos Awareness

It is a well-documented fact that asbestos exposure can cause mesothelioma or other asbestos-related diseases. Despite this, many common household asbestos-containing products are still in use and are actively manufactured today. This infographic explains where asbestos is found and the deadly cancer – mesothelioma – that is caused by exposure to asbestos. Prior to 1970, …Read Now

A Comfortable Home Can Be a Comfort


Mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, robs its victims of many things, but personal comfort in their own homes should not be one of them. Try our recommendations for small changes at home that can make a big difference in your quality of life. Install Mobility Aids Once you begin to receive …Read Now