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  • Get answers to questions about what causes mesothelioma and how to fight it

  • Understand the best mesothelioma treatments for extending life expectancy

  • Find a mesothelioma specialist for a personalized treatment plan

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What Treatments Work?

The most effective mesothelioma treatments aggressively target, shrink and remove tumors. Standard mesothelioma treatment options include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Use our guide to learn more about mesothelioma treatments that can extend life expectancy.

How can I improve my outlook?

Mesothelioma patients can improve their prognosis through treatment combinations, clinical trials and personalized therapy plans. Our guide will show you how to extend your life expectancy after a mesothelioma diagnosis.

Where can I find a specialist?

Top mesothelioma specialists are located at cancer centers across the country. Our guide provides information on top mesothelioma doctors in your area and how to choose the specialist that’s right for you.

Free Mesothelioma Help Guide

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What Can I Expect to Learn?

In This Guide You’ll Learn:

  • What is mesothelioma and what causes it
  • How doctors accurately diagnose mesothelioma
  • Factors that determine your prognosis and how to improve it
  • The top treatment options for your exact diagnosis
  • How specialists develop personalized treatment plans to extend patient lives
  • Veterans Affairs options for veterans who were exposed to asbestos during active duty
  • Emotional, physical and financial support options for patients and families